Have you ever been a perfectionist about something? Like for example when you post something on facebook or instagram and you can't decide on the filter to use. Or you keep on editing and thinking afterwards if it could have been done even better. Being a perfectionist is what develops you and strengthens your skils. But it might also stop you from realising your full potential and living the life you wish for. From going out into the world... From experiencing new adventures... 

And it might have become just a habit. Maybe you are not even thinking about it when you put another great sketch or idea or piece of work into the drawer of your desk. Or when you are holding back because you think your cooking is not good enough to be sold in a professional way. Or whatever it is you think everyone else are much better than you in doing. Maybe what you really need is to take a look at your mindset! Analyze your thoughts instead of your work. Or even better put your work out there! Go out and test it. Put your ideas and projects into action. Let someone see or even buy your work. Choose "to do" something about it this time. 

What would happen if you do it. You might get a reaction, a comment, a small success or a failure... And you will get a learning. You will know what to keep and what to skip. You will get new angles on your work from people around you because they see things you don't. They bring all their experience and skills and knowledge that you can benefit from. Someone might even unknowingly inspire you to start with your next project. Now your mindset has changed. 

But none of this will happen if you keep your stuff at home for no one to see. And by the way... Don't let any critical person talk you out of it. They might have their own drawer or notebook full at home. They see limitations - they are perfectionists. They got something to learn from you. Not the other way around. They represent the "old" you. Actually the most successful people are not always the most talented. But what they do different is they put their ideas into action. And they know that perfection can be obtained along the way. 

You can only obtain perfection in a meningful way if you take your ideas into action. Don't let them stay in your drawer, in a bag or as a topic in a conversation. 

Let 2017 be the year you do it! Good luck!

Photo: Marion Romilly --- Model: Jennifer Mongo

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